iSchool Capstone

7 Forms of Respect + iDataBased: Building Respect in the Workplace

Project tags:

information architecture

information behavior & user research

software development

The 7 Forms of Respect quiz and assessment tool from CuriosityBased assists teams in building respectful relationships in the workplace. Continuing a previous Capstone engagement, our team developed a more streamlined solution built upon Google Suite and Google Apps Script. The project scope included creating a quiz interface that is intuitive, a more functional test result PDF page, and an eCommerce integration enabling users to purchase a premium assessment if desired. As a Women and minority-owned enterprise, CuriosityBased can leverage the revamped solution to reach an even greater number of stakeholders while reducing manual intervention for the in-house team.

Project participants:

Kaamna Rishi


Bryan Phan


Ghislain Bugingo


Skyler Yesiltepe