iSchool Capstone

KidsTeam Rural Libraries

Project tags:

community engagement & outreach

digital youth & youth services

equity & inclusion

Project poster

KidsTeam Rural took up the challenge of developing a Participatory Design (PD) infrastructure in a COVID-era, remote-only environment for two rural libraries. Working with a team of LIS students and librarians, KidsTeam Rural supported Colfax Library (Whitman County,WA) in transitioning an in-person Lego Mindstorms PD project to Zoom. For Chewelah Library (Stevens County, WA), we designed an asynchronous, analog-only design infrastructure to get kids’ co-designing their library space. The two projects enable youth in these communities to connect with librarians and contribute to their libraries in meaningful ways.

Project participants:

Charlotte McGrew


Molly Benson