iSchool Capstone

Data Privacy Assessment for Washington State DOL

Project tags:

information assurance & cybersecurity

information behavior & user research

information policy & ethics

Project poster

Unlike most major tech companies and public institutions, DOL does not have a standard privacy or data maturity assessment form for program-level use. DOL has studied models from cities like Seattle and commercial enterprises but found that none of the existing models fit their needs. The final deliverable of our project is the survey tool designed for review and adoption by Washington DOL. The survey tool will act as a preliminary check for current data governance practices at DOL, help DOL reinvent data privacy and stewardship standards, and serve as a foundation for WA DOL's future Privacy Impact Assessments.

Project participants:

Heet Rajesh Palod


Harsh Desai


Jayesh Bhatia


Neeraj Kulkarni