iSchool Capstone

GBD Collaborator Portal: Resources and information for members of IHME network

Project tags:

data curation

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

Project poster

IHME administrators have been manually managing a network of over 3,400+ collaborators across the globe. Our newly designed portal integrated with Salesforce will provide IHME collaborators with the capability to view and edit personal information at their convenience. This will significantly reduce the current workload for the IHME network admins, allowing them to allocate resources for more important tasks, as well as, all the network to scale as more collaborators join. Also provided are interactive visualizations of the collaborators’ data to provide a deeper insight of the collaborators’ distribution throughout the world.

Project participants:

Dustin Langner


Taehyun Kwon


Momomi Lam


Kevin Lim