iSchool Capstone

CubeRule, a Cyber Security Education Platform

Project tags:

business & systems analysis

information assurance & cybersecurity

mobile or web development

Project poster

Cube Rule is an AWS developer education program integrated with Security Innovation’s simulation platform, “CMD+CTRL”. Cloud technology has become extremely popular. But as technology becomes more advanced, so do hackers. Many developers don't learn about security until late in their careers, which leaves a wide opening for malicious actors. Cube Rule provides a gamified simulation for developers to look through a hacker's eyes and exploit AWS vulnerabilities. Developers of all skill-levels can utilize the program, as CMD+CTRL provides hints and a scoreboard. By teaching developers to defend their platforms, Cube Rule will create a safer future for everything online.

Project participants:

Shaarika Kaul


Adele Miller


Samuel Otto


Harshitha Akkaraju