iSchool Capstone

Mimo - An Ambient Voice Assistant Crafted for Older Adults

Project tags:

equity & inclusion

information behavior & user research

ux & interaction design

Innovation/Design Award
Project poster

The population of older adults in America is increasing faster than ever, and over 90% of them are choosing to live alone. Getting older and living alone contribute to creating significant health and technical barriers. Mimo adds an ambient personal assistant to their lives that they can always talk to. Mimo creates an environment of companionship and empowers people to do more with their voice, like understanding their health, being informed about their schedule, and harnessing key skills to enrich their life. Created with love using a RaspberryPi, Amazon Alexa, and a display that enhances your voice first experience.

Project participants:

Ryan Magee


Yi Cheng


Saif Mustafa