iSchool Capstone

Smart Stay: Cloud-Based Internet of Things Lock and Key System

Project tags:

business & systems analysis

information architecture

software development

Project poster

Thousands of travelers and homeowners use peer-to-peer homestay services like Airbnb every day. However, there is a major problem existing. The home management systems are not efficient, secure, and user-friendly. Most houses manage traveler’s entry-exit through conventional locks. When people book accommodations, they have to go through the hassle of collecting, using, and returning the key. Often, travelers reach the house during odd hours which becomes inconvenient for both parties. Also, traditional lock and key systems can lead to fraud. Our project solves this real-world problem by implementing a secure and user-friendly cloud-based IoT lock and key system.

Project participants:

Ashwarya Sinha


Karthika Sundaresan


Prameet Roy


Srijan Bhushan