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Youth Library: NAVOS Mental Health Solutions

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digital youth & youth services

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NAVOS Mental Health Solutions, a nonprofit established in 1966, is one of the largest providers of mental health services in the King County area. In September 2015, NAVOS opened a newly remodeled facility: the NAVOS Behavioral Healthcare Center for Children, Youth & Families. This center focuses on vulnerable children and youth, providing a broad level of care at both the inpatient and outpatient level.

Our project is focused on building a library for the inpatient youth of NAVOS. Working with over 1,500 previously donated books, we cataloged, labeled, and organized the collection so that users can better access the library‚Äôs resources. Additionally, we worked to create a welcoming and engaging library environment, including recommended reads lists, a tabletop game area, and a space for youth to display their art. We designed the library to be more functional and participatory so that residents have a space to call their own.

Project participants:

Alexandra Cauley


Camila Jenkin


Anne Lu


Muriel Wheatley