iSchool Capstone

Vision Zero Dashboard & Interactive Map Tool

Project tags:

data science & visualization

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

Project poster

As part of Seattle’s ongoing mission to improve traffic safety, the Seattle Department of Transportation adopted the initiative Vision Zero, a plan to end traffic-related deaths and serious injuries by 2030. While Vision Zero’s progress is closely monitored internally by SDOT and other government officials, there is currently a lack of data made available to the general public. Our Capstone project aims to solve this problem. Our solution is composed of an information-driven dashboard that shows Seattle’s high-level traffic collision trends as well as an interactive map tool that allows users to view aggregated and individual collisions with specific collision details. It is our hope that the information presented by our project will not only provide traffic enthusiasts the necessary data they desire but also inform Seattleites on traffic statistics so they can become safer commuters. With everyone’s help, we can reach our goal by 2030 and Seattle can truly live up to being one of the safest cities in the country.

Project participants:

Joy Zhang


Madison Ikeda


Harrison McDonould


Alex Schenck