iSchool Capstone

Vision Screener

Project tags:

data science & visualization

mobile or web development

software development

Project poster

One in four children worldwide is affected by eye disease, and because nearly half of parents in the US with children under age 12 have never taken them to an eye care professional, many critical vision abnormalities go unnoticed. However, if caught early on, about 80% of cases can be resolved, preventing lifelong vision problems. Our Android application, Vision Screener, was created to bridge this gap and assist parents in determining if their child is at risk of eye disease. A parent can simply take an up-close picture of their child as instructed, and the app will analyze it instantaneously. If results indicate a risk of disease, the app helps parents find a nearby eye care professional for further diagnosis. Through this application, we hope to increase early detection of eye disease so more cases can be treated. If you could save a child’s sight by taking a picture, wouldn’t you?

Project participants:

Dalia Nayfeh


Autumn Grassel


Katherine Zhu


Sophie Zeng