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Vermont Queer Archives | Preserving Queer History of the Green Mountain State

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archives & special collections

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The Vermont Queer Archives contains the records and materials of the queer community in Vermont. Historically, the queer community is underrepresented in institutional archiving, and the preservation of its culture falls on the community itself. Providing access to the archives is important so that community members and researchers are able to appreciate queer history in Vermont. The archives is a large 30 box collection consisting of organizational records, event posters and handouts, and over 50 queer-related newspapers and magazines. Access to the archives was limited because of a lack of organization or a catalog and a lack of awareness. Additionally, boxes were dispersed throughout the building because there was not enough room to store them together. To solve this problem, I arranged and organized the collection of 30 boxes, initiated a blog, and created new procedures related to collection to help maintain the archives for the future.

Project participants:

Alison Horner