iSchool Capstone

The Route Assessor

Project tags:

business & systems analysis

data science & visualization

information architecture

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But when it comes to moving freight, that line becomes complex. In these uncertain times of political upheaval, natural disasters and huge amount of freight theft, Route Assessor aims to empower Expeditors in choosing better delivery routes based on various risk parameters. This robust web based solution helps Expeditors in recommending the best route to the customer, so that risk can be intelligently and appropriately managed. A real time risk score is calculated for a given source and destination, based on FBI crime data, Freightwatch data, weather and commodity type. With Route Assessor, Expeditors can provide a holistic risk assessment of customer’s shipment by helping them to choose better risk mitigation products and provide a superior quality of service compared to its competitors. Route Assessor reduces the probability of an “unwanted surprise” within the supply chain logistic.

Project participants:

Aoran Yang


Deepa Rao


Divya Krishnan


Teng Sun