iSchool Capstone


Project tags:

data science & visualization

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

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Nowadays, nobody’s schedule is the same and a significant amount of time is wasted trying to find common openings for group meetings. While there have been other services created to try and address this problem, they have major issues including poor user interface and a lengthy data entry process. Coordinate was created by our team to solve this problem and address the critical flaws in the existing tools. Coordinate is an online scheduling platform that allows users to quickly organize schedules together to find meeting times for the entire group. After receiving a link from the host, all a user needs to do is use our click-and-drag entry calendar to indicate their availability and our system will identify the optimal time for the group to meet. By simplifying event scheduling, we hope to allow the groups to have more time to improve their event, rather than wasting it comparing schedules.

Project participants:

Kevin O'Hehir


Cassidy Goeden


Steven Raden


Victoria Baxter