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With ConnectMe, gamers no longer have to find random strangers online to play with. Instead, they can find local gamers that have similar gaming interests and abilities. They can then meet up on, or off-line, have fun playing games, and even make new friends.

Many people play multiplayer games online nowadays, whether it’s with their friends, family or even random strangers. However, many of these users would like to meet new gamers that have similar gaming interests. ConnectMe enables users to connect with other individuals with similar interests by allowing users to create a customized profile, send private messages, and add friends--all essential to building a community. What differentiates us from any other matchmaking system is that we have a localized find feature that allows gamers to find others around them who they can then meet and play with.

Project participants:

Lina Thach


Wei-Jung Chen


Patrick Brady


Michael Krolzyk