iSchool Capstone

Advertising Budget Recommendation Model

Project tags:

content strategy & seo

data science & visualization

software development

Project poster

94% of consumers research cars online before purchasing, and about a third willing to buy a car online. CDK Global’ s digital advertising department makes online marketing easy for vehicle dealers by budgeting and handling digital advertisement to increase customer reach and sales. We have focused on improving their budgeting process with an efficient and accurate model that improves transparency and customer satisfaction.

We used predictive analysis to develop a model using Google AdWords, market demand and vehicle sales data for a particular Marketing Area to give a sophisticated budget proposal. This model will give insight into the top selling car models for a dealer and the amount of dollars the dealer needs to spend to advertise those models. The Advertising Analysts will be able to use this model to derive detailed performance of a client in a quicker and precise fashion, increasing the overall efficiency of the budgeting process.

Project participants:

Jaee Shirke


Loma Desai


Nivetha Chandran