iSchool Capstone

MelonYeah: A Nightclub Events Platform

Project tags:

mobile or web development

social media

ux & interaction design

Project poster

Our project addresses the lack of unified platforms between nightclubs who want to advertise events and customers who want to search for nightclub event information in a easy way. Currently, nightclubs either advertise events on their own websites, or create Facebook events. Therefore, if a customer wants to look for a nightclub event, he will have to manually search through many sites.

To address this problem, we designed a mobile application with two interfaces that allows nightclubs to advertise their events so customers can find the information in the same platform effectively in a timely manner. We gauge success by comparing the speed of customers in finding information using this mobile application. Our solution enables nightclubs and customers to exchange information more efficiently in their mobile phones.

Project participants:

Amy Chiu


Danny Lam