iSchool Capstone


Project tags:

mobile or web development

social media

software development

Project poster

Project Leto consists of an augmented reality mobile app, ARtemis, and a collaborative virtual web environment, Apollo. With the amount of people attending networking events it is often difficult to make meaningful and lasting connections. ARtemis allows for instant information and social connections by providing virtual badges with relevant information viewable through AR technology. Apollo provides a platform for project management and remote collaboration, which is often hindered by the diverse amount of tools in different locations. It integrates and organizes the current resources available to users (Github, Google Drive, Lucidchart, etc.) into a single workspace that clearly outlines the project. Together they embody Leto’s goal of supporting social and professional networking, communication, and collaboration. Success is gauged by the time saved in the communication process with ARtemis and the actual workflow with Apollo. Together, ARtemis and Apollo build an ecosystem where people are encouraged to collaborate and solve problems.

Project participants:

Abhishek Gupta


Elliot Brown


Kelly Phair


Stella Stuckey