iSchool Capstone

Big Data & Poverty Reduction - Adoption and Diffusion in Social Networks

Project tags:

data science & visualization

software development

Social Impact Award, Honorable Mention
Project poster

One of the challenges that non-profit organizations face is understanding and measuring how successful technology is being adopted in under-developed countries. Furthermore, it is equally as difficult to understand how quickly a technology is spreading and to which communities. To help alleviate these challenges, we propose to build an interactive web application to visualize patterns of technology adoption and diffusion within social networks. These patterns will be derived from the analysis of CDR (Call Detail Records) and mobile money transaction histories. This tool will be used by our partners at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to showcase the power of CDR to policymakers and other telecom operators.

Project participants:

Anikate Singh


Chitra Raman


Yan Guo


Joshua Manoj Cherian


Devin Luco