iSchool Capstone

Triage Project

Project tags:

information behavior & user research

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

Project poster

Most chronically ill patients feel confused, isolated and helpless due to their chronic disease. As a result, risk for depression increases, which in return leads to even more chronic diseases. Triage Project is focused on designing and prototyping a patient based web application that would network patients with a supportive community of fellow patients, doctors, and researchers in the field. Our solution is not a standalone solution to the chronic diseases. It complements other treatments to prevent patients from suffering symptoms of depression. Triage has conducted usability surveys with chronic patients and interviews with healthcare professionals and researchers at Group Health and UW Medicine, to design and evaluate a unique patient based web application. Our next steps are to conduct surveys and interviews to assess the impact of patient based web application on depression of chronic patients.

Project participants:

Diana Jiang


Neeraja Duriseti


Padma Vaithyam