iSchool Capstone

Too Many Programmers: Infsek

Project tags:

information assurance & cybersecurity

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

Project poster

Companies today are looking to hackers and security professionals to help them secure their assets and protect sensitive information. In this field, there are limited resources for interested individuals to learn and stretch their skills. To address this, we have engineered a website to educate those interested in hacking and security. Our solution acts as a networking platform allowing people of varying skill levels to come together and help each other learn. Through our website, professionals can create and host web challenges to be attacked by sandboxing, the process of duplicating an environment. Users obtain their own unique copy of the challenge in order to complete it at their own pace, communicating with other members for tips and advice. We have successfully created a working prototype that is being currently used by invited members in a beta testing phase. We have a number of security professionals and college students using the site and providing us with feedback on how to continue the project. We hope that our success with this project will provide an innovative solution to hacking and security education.

Project participants:

John Irwin


Matt Whitaker


Xiyi Zhu


Sean Dokko