iSchool Capstone

Strategy and Analytics for Gamification

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mobile or web development

social media

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Costco Information System (IS) department manages workflow processes like Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Solution Delivery Method (SDM), to stay ahead of its competition. These processes are very critical to Costco management, as they help to better understand needs of their customers and employees. However, these new workflow processes are extremely complicated and difficult to follow without proper training. In this project, we developed a Gamification strategy for a mobile game application that would help Costco IS employees learn these new processes. It would help enhance their productivity through better process recognition, higher incentives and knowledge certifications. With our strategy, Costco IS employees would easily understand roles and responsibilities within and outside their groups as laid out in these workflow tools. Our Gamification strategy would make their learning fun, engaging and hassle free experience.

Project participants:

Atin Hindocha


Cheshta Saluja


Sicheng Zhu