iSchool Capstone

Online App for Cascade Bicycle Club

Project tags:

information architecture

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

Project poster

As the largest bicycling club in the U.S., Cascade Bicycle Club has more than 15,000 members and organizes more than 1,200 free rides a year. Obviously, simplifying the process of signing up rides and strengthening the connections between Cascade Bicycle Club and its members become quite important.

Our team worked with Forum One Communications to develop a mobile web app for Cascade Bicycle Club. This app streamlines communication between Cascade Bicycle Club and its members, and it also provides a better experience of exploring, researching and registering free daily rides. Additionally, it could help Cascade Bicycle Club attract more people joining free daily rides, and leading healthier lives.

Project participants:

Xinhang Li


Ge Yu