iSchool Capstone

Mmentos: Recording Your Memories

Project tags:

content & digital asset management

mobile or web development

social media

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Many of us today use multiple forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter. But as of now, we do not have an environment online that lets us conveniently record our memories and relive them later on in the future. Though services like Facebook attempt to do this, their focus is to connect people through social networking instead of storing memories. So our team has come up with a new website called Mmentos, where the main focus is for people to record the precious moments of their lives and to go back and relive them in the future. Whether it is photos, videos, words, or even Tweets, Mmentos lets people organize their keepsakes neatly online and lets them share these moments with their loved ones later on in the future. Because Mmentos has a simple and clean interface, people will be able to easily store their memories and show them off to loved ones for years to come.

Project participants:

Brian Fu


Aswin Pranam


Bao-Chin Tseng


Jesse Chhay