iSchool Capstone

LDAP Integration Module to the eGRC Suite

Project tags:

database administration & development

information assurance & cybersecurity

software development

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Maclear eGRC is a governance, risk, and compliance software suite supporting the risk and compliance industry. The application currently supports a SQL based authentication and authorization service.

Unfortunately, the usage of a SQL based system is difficult to synchronize information between the Maclear eGRC suite and client applications, therefore creating a mismatch between data exchange formats. Traditional relational databases based authentication systems suffer from vulnerabilities, such as SQL injections, which present a vast array of security concerns. The purpose of this capstone project is to design and implement a module to support Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and single sign on functionality, and obtain knowledge regarding the operational benefits of its implementation.

Project participants:

Ben Farabelli


Mrudul Marathey


Krutika Vyas