Ways to Give

Annual Giving

When you make an annual gift to the iSchool, you can support your passion by directing your gift to more than 60 available funds. Whether you choose the dean’s discretionary fund, a  scholarship or a named endowment, your annual support helps the UW today and into the future.

You can make your annual gift in several ways:

  • Give online
  • Call 1-877-UW-GIFTS (877-894-4387)
  • Mail a check (payable to University of Washington Foundation):

University of Washington Office of Annual Giving
4333 Brooklyn Ave. N.E. Box 359505
Seattle, WA 98195-9505

Matching Gifts

Many employers having matching gift programs that match the contributions their employees make to charitable organizations. Some employers even match gifts from retirees. Check with your HR office to inquire if your gift to the UW iSchool is eligible to receive matching funds.

Corporate & Foundation Support


An endowment is a permanent fund supporting a purpose of your choosing. Depending on your individual passion or interest, your endowment, which provides funds in perpetuity, can be focused or wide-ranging. The principal of your gift is invested and grows over time, while quarterly distributions provide a steady, reliable source of income to the program you choose. This ensures your gift will provide benefits year after year, generation after generation.

You can start an endowment that supports:

  • Scholarships and fellowships
  • Professorships, lectureships and chairs
  • Research, programs or other purposes
  • Unrestricted use

You can use almost any type of asset to fund an endowment — cash, securities, real estate or other property. Bequests and other deferred gifts, including those that provide life income to you or another beneficiary, can also fund endowments.

Named Endowments

To create a new endowment with a name you choose, the UW has several options, starting at $25,000. You can support an existing endowment with a gift of any size.

  • General Support - $25,000
    • Unrestricted fund for program support, research support, lectureships, travel, publication services, etc.
  • Undergraduate Student Support – $25,000
  • Graduate Student Support – $50,000
  • Faculty Support - $50,000
  • Undergraduate Scholarship - $100,000
  • Distinguished Undergraduate Scholarship - $250,000
  • Graduate Fellowship - $100,000
  • Distinguished Graduate Fellowship - $250,000
  • Faculty Fellowship – $100,000
  • Professorship - $500,000
  • Chair - $2,000,000
  • Deanship - $3,000,000

Fund Management and Distribution

Endowment gifts are invested in the UW’s Consolidated Endowment Fund, which combines assets for investment purposes. Each named endowment retains its own purpose and account (budget) number, by which the UW tracks growth in principal and distributions.

The CEF holds a diversified mix of stocks, bonds and other assets, which are managed by professional investment firms employed by UW. The UW’s Board of Regents oversees CEF investment policies and regularly evaluates the investment managers’ performance.

Gifts in Kind

The UW welcomes in-kind gifts (contributions of goods and services) such as equipment, computer hardware and software, books, artifacts and art. While in-kind donations are often received from businesses and corporations, individual donors also contribute many types of in-kind gifts. Learn more about appraisal requirements.

Planned Gifts

What will your legacy be? Planned gifts provide creative and flexible strategies for your estate and charitable planning. Some planned gifts provide you with income. Many of them can reduce your taxes. The greatest benefit, however, lies in knowing you are supporting work at the UW that is important to you and helpful to others. Whatever inspires you, whatever drives you, you can make a difference by supporting the UW with a bequest directed at any purpose, program, school or college.

Amy Scott, Associate Director for Planned Giving, represents the iSchool and is available to discuss your options with you or your adviser. For more information or to schedule a time to meet, please contact Amy at

Quick Reference

  • All planned gifts should be directed to the Board of Regents of the University of Washington.
  • The University of Washington’s Tax ID number is 91-6001537.
  • Official bequest language for the University of Washington

"I give to the BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, Washington (the "University") _______________ Dollars ($____________)
[alternate 1:] _____________ percent (______%) of the residue of my estate.
[alternate 2:] all of the residue of my estate.
[alternate 3:] specific asset for (purpose) by (school/college/program).

Gifts of Stock

Securities Held Electronically

If your securities are held "in street name" with your broker, send your broker a letter of authorization to transfer (not sell) shares of specific stock(s) to the University of Washington's main brokerage account.

Your instructions should specify:

  • Your account number
  • The date by which you wish to complete the gift (Year-end gifts are best made by Dec. 15.)
  • The name and number of shares you would like to donate
  • The designation of your gift (e.g. The iSchool’s Fund for Excellence)

Provide the following transfer information to your broker:

Broker: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
DTC: 0015
Account Title: University of Washington
Account Number: 144-153275-535
Contact: Yelena Isakova, 206-685-3814

If you are transferring stock from a joint account, both account owners must sign the letter. You can contribute stock from several companies held within the same account. You can also make a single transfer for multiple purposes.

Please send a copy of this letter to Yelena Isakova, Manager, Endowment Administration & Securities Liquidation, UW Treasury Office, 4311 11th Ave. NE, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98105-4608 or fax 206-543-3698. Check with your broker soon after sending the letter to ensure that the transfer is complete, especially if you initiate this gift shortly before Dec. 31.

Securities in Certificate Form

If you have stock or bond certificates, please contact Yelena Isakova, 206-685-3814, in the UW Treasury Office to arrange for delivery.

Mutual Funds

Very few mutual funds network with brokerage firms. In most cases the UW has to open an account with mutual fund companies to handle each individual mutual fund gifts. Since the enactment of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, the opening of a mutual fund account has become complicated and time consuming. Please contact Yelena Isakova, 206-685-3814, at least a month in advance.