Gift Funds

Choose one or more specific funds to support from the list below or go directly to the online giving page. 

Barbara Moberg Endowed Fund
This endowment provides unrestricted support for the Information School.

Bellevue Friends of the Library Endowed Scholarship in Library and Information Science
This endowment provides scholarship support to MLIS students.

Benjamin F. Page Fellowship in Librarianship
Named for the former School of Librarianship associate director Benjamin Page, this endowment benefits MLIS students.

Beverly Cleary Endowed Professorship in Children and Youth Services
This endowment supports the activities of the Cleary professor in the area of children and youth services.

Bryce Nelson Fellowship
This endowment provides financial assistance to MLIS students who intend to become school librarians.

C.D. Smith (MLIS 1965) Endowed Fund for Student Support
Named for 1965 alumna and former State Librarian C.D. Smith, funds from this endowment are to be used at the Dean’s discretion for support of undergraduate or graduate iSchool students.

Charity Cantey Endowed Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships for MLIS students with demonstrated financial need with a preference for women of color.

CIAC Discretionary Fund
This discretionary funds supports the activities of the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity.

Data Science Lab Fund 
Supports the work of the iSchool Data Science Lab

Digital Youth Lab
Will support the Information School's Digital Youth iLab.

Earl Borgeson Research Law Librarianship Award
The Borgeson Award was established to promote the UW Law Librarianship Program and to encourage scholarly research that will enhance the profession. Students submit papers about important contemporary topics affecting law librarianship. These papers are then reviewed by panel of nationally-renowned law librarians, who select the award recipient. The winning paper is also published in Legal Reference Services Quarterly (LSRQ).

Edith M. Jennings Endowed Fund
This endowment provides unrestricted support to the Information School.

Ed Mignon Lecture in Information Science
Named in honor of Professor Ed Mignon who graduated from the iSchool in 1959 and taught at the iSchool from 1970-2001.

Eisenberg Family Student Leadership Endowed Fund
Provides support to Information School student organizations.

Eliza T. Dresang Endowment for Youth Services
In memory of iSchool Professor Eliza Dresang, this fund provides fellowship support for students hoping to pursue a career in children and youth services.

Eric and Christine Larsen Endowed Fellowship for Innovation in Information Management
Supports Information School students with unmet financial need. Preference is given to students with expressed interest in innovation and information management.

Friends of the Edmonds Library Scholarship Fund
This annual scholarship supports MLIS students.

Genevieve C. Cobb Scholarship in Librarianship
This endowment provides scholarships for MLIS students.

Harry & Lorraine Bruce Endowed Informatics Scholarship
This endowment provides scholarship support for Informatics students with unmet financial need.

iAffiliates Fund
Gifts from iSchool corporate, community and foundation partners to support the academic and research endeavors of the iSchool.

Information & Society Center Fund 
ISC investigates the role and impact of information and technology on people in local and international communities.

Information School Centennial Scholarship
Established in recognition of the iSchool’s centennial in 2011, this scholarship provides support for Informatics, MLIS, MSIM and PhD students.

Information School Scholarship Fund
This annual scholarship is open to all iSchool students with demonstrated financial need.

Information School Students First Endowment Scholarship
This endowment provides need-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students at the iSchool to enable them to take part in the UW experiences that build lifelong skills and help them to achieve their potential.

Irving Lieberman Faculty Development
This endowment provides fund for fulltime faculty to participate in conferences and other professional development activities to enhance their teaching and research.

Irving Lieberman Intellectual Freedom Endowed Fund
Named for Irving Lieberman, who served as the director of the School of Librarianship from 1956 to 1973, this endowment provides discretionary funding to support activities related to intellectual freedom and to provide opportunity for iSchool faculty and students to delve into the complexities of intellectual freedom issues.

iSchool Fund for Excellence
This discretionary fund supports areas of greatest need with the iSchool and allows the dean to respond to unexpected opportunities that arise during the course of the academic year.

Jeannette M. Privat Endowment for Librarianship
This endowment supports MLIS students with unmet financial need.

Jody Berge Orlick Endowed Fund for Public Librarianship 
Supports MLIS students who intend to pursue a career in public librarianship.

Koon Family Endowed Fellowship Fund
This endowment provides financial assistance to deserving graduate students in the Information School.

Law Librarian Loan Fund
This fund was established to give financial assistance to JD law librarianship students to help defray their educational expenses. Students can borrow $3,000 at a two percent interest rate.

Lee Dirks Student Support Endowment
This endowment supports graduate students with a focus on data curation.

Linda J. Gould Endowed Fellowship for Children's and Youth Services
This endowment provides financial assistance to MLIS students with unmet need who intend to pursue a career in Children's and Youth Services (CYS) librarianship. Preference is given to students who possess an understanding and commitment to the needs of traditionally underrepresented communities.

Mabel Turner Endowed Fund
Named in honor of Mabel Turner, Professor Emeritus of the Library School, this unrestricted fund provides general, on-going support of the Information School. “No art please. The idea of a bust of Melvin Dewey leaves me cold.”

Mae Benne Scholarship Fund
To support graduate scholarship at the Information School for one or more qualified candidates who endeavor to work in public libraries and pursue a Masters of Library and Information Science.

Marguerite E. McAlpin Endowed Fellowship
This endowment provides fellowships for MLIS students based on need and merit.

Mary Elizabeth Hotchkiss Endowed Travel Fellowship
This endowment supports iSchool undergraduate or graduate students’ studies, with a preference for travel support.

Mary Lerg Crandall Endowed Fellowship in Librarianship
This endowment provides scholarship support for MLIS students.

Michael D. Crandall Fellowship for Information Management 
Named in honor of former MSIM program chair Mike Crandall in recognition of his outstanding leadership of the program from 2005 to 2012, this fellowship provides support to MSIM students.

Nancy J. Gershenfeld Endowed Fellowship in Special Librarianship
This endowment provides financial assistance to iSchool graduate students who express an interest in the field of special librarianship or information entrepreneurship and who demonstrate leadership potential.

Nancy J. Gershenfeld Endowment for Doctoral Student Support 
This endowment provides support for iSchool doctoral students. In particular, this fund is used to attract and retain the best and brightest students to the program.

Nancy Pearl Endowment for Public Librarianship
This endowment provides scholarship support for MLIS students who wish to pursue careers in public librarianship.

Native North American Indigenous Knowledge Initiative
This fund supports faculty research and activities in the area of Native North American Indigenous Knowledge.

Paul Jones Endowed Fellowship in Information Science
This endowment provides support for graduate students in the Information School or for graduate students actively collaborating with researchers at the Information School. Funds from this endowment can be used to cover travel costs for students in order to facilitate their participation at conferences, with a preference to covering the travel costs for Ph.D. students presenting papers at such conferences.

Project Information Literacy Fund 
This national study examines early adults and their information-seeking behaviors, competencies and challenges conducting research in the digital age.

Robert M. & Marilyn G. Mason Endowed Fund for Student Innovation in Information & Society
This endowment was created to encourage student innovation in information science and information management and is intended to support activities that stimulate student engagement in the innovation process, from the creative phase to implementation and application of new ideas. This fund can be used to support student-driven seminars, symposia or other events, or to fund awards for student papers.

Saxton Family Endowed Student Support Fund
This endowment provides support for undergraduate and graduate students of the iSchool. Expenditures may include tuition, travel, conference frees, lab fees and books.

Scott Barker Endowed Fund for Excellence in Informatics
Supports Informatics students who demonstrate academic merit and leadership potential.

Sherman Alexie and Lethene Parks Endowed Fellowship in Tribal and Rural Librarianship 
Supports MLIS students who would like to become librarians in a tribal or rural library.

Sigrid L. Bulley Endowed Fund for Student Support in Library and Information Science
This endowment provides scholarship support for MLIS students.

Special Libraries Fund
This fund supports special librarianship including student travel to conferences, scholarship support, events, speaker costs and other program related expenses.

Spencer G. Shaw Endowed Lecture Series
Named for Professor Emeritus Spencer Shaw, an internationally renowned librarian, storyteller, and teacher, this annual lecture series brings award-winning children’s authors and illustrators to campus to meet with children’s and youth services librarians and MLIS students.

Susan Nelson Bockman Endowed Scholarship
Named for Susan Bockman, a children’s librarian and a law librarian, to provide financial assistance to MLIS students.

Sylvia Lake Finley Multi-Ethnic Library Fellowship
Provides fellowships for students of color in the MLIS program to increase diversity in the field of librarianship. The fellowship is named in memory of Sylvia Lake Finley ('74).

TASCHA: Technology and Social Change Group
TASCHA explores the design, use, and effects of information and communication technologies in communities facing social and economic challenges. Active in more than 40 countries, TASCHA brings together a multidisciplinary network of social scientists, engineers, and development practitioners to conduct research, advance knowledge, create resources, and improve policy and program design.

The Donald and Lynda Horowitz Endowed Fellowship in Information Technology and Justice
This fellowship is awarded to graduate students who demonstrate a commitment to public service with an expressed interest in learning and exploring how information and information technology can contribute to a more just world for all.

The Robert and Denise Schramke Endowed Fund for Information School Student Support
This endowment supports iSchool students who demonstrate high academic merit.

Viola Stone Oakes Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship support for MLIS students.

Voices from the Rwanda Tribunal Fund
Research and design initiative to solve pressing global problems such as genocide, HIV/AIDs, famine, deforestation, species extinction and others that take multiple lifespans to solve.

William E. Henry Scholarship Fund
This endowment provides scholarship support for undergraduate and graduate students of the Information School.

William R. Haegele Endowment
Named for William Haegele, librarian at Dearborn Park Elementary School, this endowment provides unrestricted support of the Information School.