Informatics students up for the challenge

Informatics students up for the challenge

After Mount Rainier reservation system melts down, Capstone team comes to the rescue. Read more...

Martez Mott works on touchscreen accessibility at the iSchool.

'Smart Touch' takes honors

Touchscreen accessibility work earns Ph.D. student and professor Best Paper Award at CHI. Read more...

At KidsTeam UW, youngsters have a hand in tech design

Hands-on design with kids

At KidsTeam UW, youngsters are shaping the technology and learning experiences of the future. Read more...

Community Counts

Our inclusive community fosters an environment that furthers our goals and enables us to take on active roles in both local and global conversations.

Big Data for Social Good

That's the mission of DataLab, the nexus for research on Data Science and Analytics at the iSchool. Read more...

TASCHA promotes mobile literacy

TASCHA promotes mobile literacy

The Technology & Social Change group helps people navigate the Internet in the developing world. Read more...

What is an iSchool?

Who are we?

We are a community of professionals focused on diverse areas of expertise relating to the study of information and its use by people and organizations.

What do we do?

We prepare information leaders. We research the problems and opportunities of information. We design solutions to information challenges. We make information work.

Why do we do it?

We are inspired by information. We want to help people achieve their potential and harness the capacity of information as an agent for positive change.

How do we do it?

We conduct rigorous research, create challenging academic programs, tackle key social and technical problems in the information field and strengthen the link between users of information and designers of information systems.