Community Counts

Our inclusive community fosters an environment that furthers our goals and enables us to take on active roles in both local and global conversations.

Capstone Projects are a Key Component of Every Degree

The 2015 Capstone award winners: Social Impact, Commercial Potential, Audience Favorites. Read more...

Big data for the social good

That's the mission of DataLab, the nexus for research on Data Science and Analytics at the iSchool. Read more...

Informatics Students Serve Their Community

Christina Xiao and Amber Amin were elected President and Director of Policy and Procedures respectively of the Associated Students of the University of Washington for 2014-15. Read more...

iSchool Study Abroad Programs Expand Learning Options

A new partnership with Peking University offered study in China for the first time in 2014. Other programs include Netherlands, Ghana, and South Korea scheduled for summer 2015. Read more...

Fun and games in the classroom

Jin Ha Lee, an avid gamer and the new chair of the iSchool's Master of Library and Information Science program, brings her passion for video games to her work. Read more...

TASCHA works to strengthen libraries

The Technology & Social Change group aims to make research on public libraries more usable. Read more...

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Informatics majors have a passion for making a difference through information and technology. They design, build, manage and secure systems to meet the needs of people, organizations, and society.

PhD in Information Science

The PhD program is the catalyst for excellence and attracts top students committed to making a difference through research, teaching and service to the community.

What is an iSchool?

Who are we?

We are a community of professionals focused on diverse areas of expertise relating to the study of information and its use by people and organizations.

What do we do?

We prepare information leaders. We research the problems and opportunities of information. We design solutions to information challenges. We make information work.

Why do we do it?

We are inspired by information. We want to help people achieve their potential and harness the capacity of information as an agent for positive change.

How do we do it?

We conduct rigorous research, create challenging academic programs, tackle key social and technical problems in the information field and strengthen the link between users of information and designers of information systems.

iSchool Events

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iSchool on Twitter

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(2/2) Hear @JoeJanes' podcast about "Annals of the World" or read the transcript at

19h UW_iSchool UW iSchool @UW_iSchool

.@JoeJanes' latest podcast looks at the book credited with pinpointing Earth's creation at 4004 BCE. via @uwnews

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MT @taschagroup: We are thrilled to work with such a great team at Impact Survey.

1d UW_iSchool UW iSchool @UW_iSchool

For Jin Ha Lee, our new MLIS program chair, classroom is a place for fun and (video) games.

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RT @ALALibrary: Introducing the new #ProgrammingLibrarian.

1d UW_iSchool UW iSchool @UW_iSchool

Hard numbers from the iSchool's Impact Survey have helped libraries make the case for new services: via @publibonline


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Informatics major Daniel Sebring takes a tour of the iSchool's undergraduate program and shows us why it's the best degree...

MLIS Degree Program at the iSchool

The iSchool’s MLIS graduate degree program, ranked 3rd in the nation, prepares professionals with a strong background in the theory...

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The Information is a new blog that features the lively voices & expert opinions of the students, faculty, alumni & staff of the iSchool.