Internships allow you to apply concepts and practices learned in coursework as you assist in professional entry-level work under the formal guidance from a qualified supervisor/mentor. You may take part in a variety of projects including but not limited to:

  • Redesign of a website
  • Taxonomy construction
  • Information security analysis
  • Database modeling
  • Information retrieval system design
  • Requirements analysis for large information projects

There are three primary criteria that a setting or experience must meet in order to qualify as an MSIM internship:

  • The internship site/experience must be approved by the MSIM academic adviser or IMT 590 faculty coordinator
  • Your work/ projects/ tasks must be primarily of a professional or beginning professional nature
  • The internship must constitute a learning experience for that relates to the academic scope of the MSIM program

The curriculum is designed so that the internship experience can lead directly into your Capstone experience (INFX 595 and 596) during winter and spring quarters prior to graduation.

Internship Process and Forms

For Students

Internship Process

Full Time Position Over Summer Quarter

Part Time Position Over Two Or More Consecutive Quarters

Internship Learning Objectives Agreement

Outline for Student’s Final Narrative Report

For Host Sites

Internship Information for Employers

Mid-Internship Report

Supervisor’s Final Evaluation

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