Josh Blumenstock and students

MSIM Students Analyze Big Data

DataLab studies large-scale, heterogeneous human data in an effort to understand why individuals, consumers, and societies behave the way they do. Read more...

Capstone 2014 Winners

The Capstone project is a culmination of a student's learning at the iSchool. The annual Capstone event showcased 100+ projects which were judged by industry experts and attendees to select the winners. Read more...

iSchool faculty and staff

Community Counts

Our inclusive community fosters an environment that furthers our goals and enables us to take on active roles in both local and global conversations.

Anna Wiggs at Holy Names

Leaders in Library and Information Science

“The iSchool does a really good job of providing students with a breadth and depth of understanding about where they can take their degree—where they can go. There’s a place for everybody at the iSchool.” Anna Wiggs, MLIS ’08, Librarian, Holy Names Academy. Read more...

Informatics Students Serve Their Community

Christina Xiao and Amber Amin were elected President and Director of Policy and Procedures respectively of the Associated Students of the University of Washington for 2014-15. Read more...

Global Research by TASCHA: Shared Access and the Mobile Internet

Senzo Ngidi is a second year business student from Makhaza, Cape Town. He relies on his cellphone and public libraries for internet access. Read more...

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Informatics majors have a passion for making a difference through information and technology. They design, build, manage and secure systems to meet the needs of people, organizations, and society.

PhD in Information Science

The PhD program is the catalyst for excellence and attracts top students committed to making a difference through research, teaching and service to the community.

What is an iSchool?

Who are we?

We are a community of professionals focused on diverse areas of expertise relating to the study of information and its use by people and organizations.

What do we do?

We prepare information leaders. We research the problems and opportunities of information. We design solutions to information challenges. We make information work.

Why do we do it?

We are inspired by information. We want to help people achieve their potential and harness the capacity of information as an agent for positive change.

How do we do it?

We conduct rigorous research, create challenging academic programs, tackle key social and technical problems in the information field and strengthen the link between users of information and designers of information systems.

iSchool Events

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The iSchool is a major sponsor of iD Tech Camp at @UW. Check out @TeresaYuan's coverage on KING5: @idtechcamps

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Big Data Art: Twitter Meets the First Amendment | Read the latest from The Information blog: @BigDataClub

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We love this term! RT @scottabel: The #ContentStrategy 'Term of the Week' is 'Taxonomy' by @rlovinger

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A lost culture: iSchool grad revives tradition of libraries in Cambodia - @gregbem

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