Publications and Contributions

  • Conference Paper
    Developing Self-Advocacy Skills Through Machine Learning Education: The Case of Ad Recommendation on Facebook (2022)
    Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM 2022) Authors: Emma Spiro, Yim Register
  • Article, Non-Scholarly
  • Study Guide
    Recommender Systems — How Facebook Learns Your Interests (2021)
    ReadyAI High School Curriculum Author: Yim Register
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    It Is Time for More Critical CS Education (2020)
    Communications of the ACM, 63(11), pp. 31-33, ISBN/ISSN: 0001-0782 Authors: Amy J. Ko, Alannah Oleson, Neil Ryan, Yim Register, Benjamin Xie, Mina Tari, Matthew Davidson, Stefania Druga, Dastyni Loksa
  • Conference Paper
    Learning Machine Learning with Personal Data Helps Stakeholders Ground Advocacy Arguments in Model Mechanics (2020)
    Proceedings of the 2020 ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research (ICER) Authors: Yim Register, Amy J. Ko