• LIS 597 - Capstone Iii - Project Implementation


  • MA, Museology, University of Washington, 2012

Consulting and Other Projects

  • Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN, 2015
  • Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, Savannah, GA

Publications and Contributions

  • Conference Poster
    The Incluseum’s Metadata Schema: An Inclusive Control Vocabulary. (2019)
    Authors: Rebecca Froczak, Gabbie Barnes, Rose Paquet, Aletheia Wittman
  • Conference Paper
    Homeless Young People, Jobs, and a Future Vision: Community Members’ Perceptions of the Job Co-op (2017)
    Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Communities and Technologies (C&T '17), Page 22-31 Authors: David G. Hendry, Norah Abokhodair, Rose Paquet Kinsley, Jill Woelfer
  • Conference Short Paper
    Margaret Hamilton and the Core Memory Weavers: The Women Who Put Man on the Moon. (2017)
    Authors: Daniela Rosner, Shorey Samantha, Rose Paquet
  • Journal Article, Professional Journal
    (Re)Frame: The Case for New Language in the 21st Century Museum. (2016)
    Exhibition, Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 56-63 Authors: Rose Paquet Kinsley, Margaret Middleton, Porchia Moore
  • Magazine/Trade Publication
    Bringing Self-Examination to the Center of Social Justice Work in Museums (2016)
    Museum Magazine, Issue Jan/Feb 2016 Authors: Rose Paquet Kinsley, Aletheia Wittman,
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Inclusion in Museums: A Matter of Social Justice (2016)
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  • Conference Poster
    Museum Professionals and Inclusion: A Study in Practitioner Perception. (2016)
    Authors: Laura Coleman, Rose Paquet
  • Conference Position Paper
    Inclusion and Inclusion Policies: A Value Sensitive Design Analysis. (2015)
    Charting the Next Decade for Value Sensitive Design, 5th Decennial Aarhus Conference Author: Rose Paquet Kinsley
  • Conference Paper
    Perspectives of Emerging Museum Professionals on the Role of Big Data in Museums (2015)
    Proceedings of the 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) Authors: Rose Paquet Kinsley, Jason H. Portenoy
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Pulling the Plug Visually: Images of Resistance to ICTs and Connectivity (2015)
    First Monday, Volume 20, Issue 11 Authors: Ricardo Gomez, Kirsten Foot, Margaret Young, Rose Paquet Kinsley, Stacey Morrison
  • Exhibition
    The Power of Place. Public Art Exhibition. (2015)
    ALL RISE Seattle Authors: Rose Paquet Kinsley, Aletheia Wittman
  • Conference Paper
    Toward a Research Agenda on Technology Pushback: visual content analysis (2014)
    CHI 2014 Notes Authors: Margaret Young, Kirsten Foot, Ricardo Gomez, Stacey Morrison, Rose Paquet Kinsley, Paul Weiss
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Engaging with Homeless Adults in Museums: Suggestions for Where to Begin (2013)
    Museums and Social Issues, Volume 8, Issue 1-2, Page 74-88 Author: Rose Paquet
  • Magazine/Trade Publication
    Beyond Depiction: Engaging with Homeless Adults in the U.S. (2012)
    Museum Practice, Volume October Author: Rose Paquet
  • Conference Poster
    Evaluation of the Gallery Guide Tour Program at the Frye Art Museum (2012)
    Authors: Rose Paquet, Peder Nelson, Mark Rosen
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Adult Homelessness. (2011)
    , Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 150-160 Author: Rose Paquet


  • Engaging with Homeless Adults in Museums (2018)
    Savannah College of Art and Design - Savannah, GA
  • The Incluseum: Towards an Inclusive Museum (2018)
    Savannah College of Art and Design - Savannah, GA
  • Critical Breaking and Repair (2016)
    Fat Cat Lab - New York City, NY
  • Audience Engagement in History and Heritage Organizations. (2015)
    Audience Engagement Roundtable - Renton, WA
  • Kaleidoscope Museum: Community Collaboration, and Co-Creation in Cultural Heritage (2015)
    Southern Museum Conference Annual Meeting - Jacksonville, FL
  • The Incluseum (2015)
    Digital Humanities Showcase - Seattle, WA
  • Using Our Words: Inclusive Language in Museums (2015)
    American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting - Atlanta, GA
  • The Incluseum: Envisioning an Inclusive Museum (2014)
    Seventh International Conference on the Inclusive Museum - Los Angeles, CA
  • How White Adults Can Ally With Youth of Color in Schools (2013)
    10th Annual Seattle Race Conference: Education Not Incarceration! Eliminating Structural Racism In Our Schools - Seattle, WA
  • Museums and Adult Homelessness (2012)
    American Alliance of Museums Annual Conference - Minneapolis, MN
  • Museums and Social Inclusion (2012)
    Washington Museum Association Annual Conference - Seattle, WA