Publications and Contributions

  • Conference Paper
    "I feel like this is a bad thing": Investigating disassembly in action for novices (2020)
    Proceedings of the 38th annual ACM conference on human factors in computing systems (CHI '20) Authors: Nicholas Logler, Caroline Pitt, Xin Gao, Allison Marie Hishikawa, Jason Yip, Batya Friedman
  • Book Editor, Scholarly
  • Conference Paper
    Collaborative reflection: A practice for enriching research partnerships spanning culture, discipline, and time (2018)
    Proceedings of CHI 2018 Authors: Daisy Yoo, Odeth Kantengwa, Nicholas Logler, Reverien Interayamahanga, Joseph Nkurunziza, Batya Friedman
  • Conference Paper
    Metaphor Cards: A how-to-guide for making and using a generative metaphorical design toolkit (2018)
    Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS) 2018, Page 1373-1386 Authors: Nicholas Logler, Daisy Yoo, Batya Friedman
  • Toolkit
    Multi-lifespan Envisioning Cards – Supplementary Set (2018)
    Authors: Daisy Yoo, Tadayoshi Kohno, Stephanie Ballard, Batya Friedman
  • Toolkit
    Metaphor Cards (2011)
    Authors: Daisy Yoo, Nicholas Logler, Batya Friedman


  • Metaphor Cards: A How-to-Guide for Making and Using a Generative Metaphorical Design Toolkit (2018)
    Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2018 - Hong Kong