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  • Digital Youth
  • Computer Supported Collaborated Learning
  • Human-Computer Interaction


  • MA, Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014
  • MS, Experimental Psychology, Korea University, 2011


  • Abroad Study Fellowship - The Korea Foundation of Advanced Studies, 2012


  • Association for Computing Machinery

Publications and Contributions

  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Tweens' perspectives on their parents' media-related attitudes and rules: An exploratory study in the US (2017)
    Journal of Children and Media, Volume 11, Issue 3, Page 358-366 Authors: Ada S. Kim, Katharine Davis
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    The role of ethnicity and gender in evaluating observed social interactions (2015)
    Author: Suhkyung Kim
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Is “$$” purple or green? Bistable grapheme-color synesthesia induced by ambiguous characters (2013)
    Consciousness and cognition, Volume 22, Issue 3, Page 955–964 Authors: Suhkyung Kim, Randolph Blake, Chai-Youn Kim
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    When the Inducing Grapheme Changes and When the Induced Synesthetic Color Changes (2010)
    Journal of Vision, Volume 10, Issue 7, Page 873–873 Authors: Suhkyung Kim, Chai-Youn Kim
  • Conference Paper
    Using digital badges to promote student agency and identity in science learning
    Proceedings of the Connected Learning Summit (CLS '18) Authors: Katharine Davis, Caroline Pitt, Adam Bell, Suhkyung Kim


  • Emotional and Cognitive Impacts of Political Events in Social Media (2016)
    Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference - Dallas, USA