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Publications and Contributions

  • Conference Paper
    Collaborative reflection: A practice for enriching research partnerships spanning culture, discipline, and time (2018)
    Proceedings of CHI 2018 Authors: Daisy Yoo, Odeth Kantengwa, Nicholas Logler, Reverien Interayamahanga, Joseph Nkurunziza, Batya Friedman
  • Conference Paper
    Pause: A multi-lifespan design mechanism (2017)
    Proceedings of CHI 2017 Authors: Batya Friedman, Daisy Yoo
  • Conference Paper
    Multi-lifespan design thinking: Two methods and a case study with the Rwandan diaspora (2016)
    Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '16) Authors: Daisy Yoo, Katie Derthick, Shaghayegh Ghassemian, Jean Hakizimana, Brian T Gill, Batya Friedman
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Conference Paper
    A value sensitive action-reflection model: Evolving a co-design space with stakeholder and designer prompts (2013)
    Proceedings of CHI 2013, Page 419-428 Authors: Daisy Yoo, Alina Huldtgren, Jill Woelfer, David G. Hendry, Batya Friedman
  • Conference Paper
    Envisioning across generations: A multi-lifespan information system for international justice in Rwanda (2013)
    Proceedings of CHI 2013 Authors: Daisy Yoo, M Lake, T Nilsen, M E Utter, R Alsdorf, T Bizimana, L P Nathan, M Ring, E J Utter, R F Utter, Batya Friedman
  • Toolkit
    Metaphor Cards (2011)
    Authors: Daisy Yoo, Nicholas Logler, Batya Friedman


  • Designing for Social Change (2018)
    Designing for Interactive Systems (DIS) 2018 - Hong Kong
  • Metaphor Cards: A How-to-Guide for Making and Using a Generative Metaphorical Design Toolkit (2018)
    Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2018 - Hong Kong
  • Time, Temporality, & Slowness: Future Directions for Design Research (2018)
    Designing for Interactive Systems (DIS) 2018 - Hong Kong
  • Designing within a highly politicized environment: The case of Voices from the Rwanda Tribunal (2016)
    Workshop on Ethical Encounters in HCI, CHI 2016 - San Jose, CA
  • Technology and Human Values (2015)
    School of Law, University of Washington - Seattle, WA
  • Voices from the Rwanda Tribunal: Multi-lifespan Information System Design in Support of International Justice (2014)
    Colloquium, International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, Brandeis University - Waltham, MA