Chris Rothschild

CV Senior Research Scientist, Technology & Social Change Group
Bloedel Hall 089-A
Phone: 206-685-1708


  • ICT and Development
  • Data for Decision-making


Chris Rothschild is a Senior Research Scientist at TASCHA and a Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Fellow. His work focuses on community information and knowledge systems and how varying approaches to and definitions of data can be incorporated into community and large-scale decision-making. Chris’ Fellowship with the Nippon Foundation is centered on creating culturally appropriate tools and resources for local organizations to build better marine data and inform decisions for managing marine resources and ecosystems. Chris has used participatory practices and qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct research in over 20 countries. In addition to his research, Chris teaches study abroad courses in Tahiti and Ghana on traditional knowledge systems, oral traditions, and field research methods. Chris holds a Master of Public Administration and a Masters of Arts in International Studies, both from the University of Washington.


  • MPA, Public Affairs, Univeristy of Washington, 2008
  • MA, International Studies, Univeristy of Washington, 2008
  • BS, Global Environmental Science, University of Hawaii, 2003

Publications and Contributions

  • Data visualization tool
    Development and Access to Information Dashboards (DA2i) (2020)
    Authors: Maria Garrido, Daniel Rekshan, Manisha Vyas, Lucas Koepke, Bree Norlander, Chris Rothschild, Araba Sey, Chris Jowaisas
  • Conference Paper
    Mobile Information Literacy: Building Digital and Information Literacy Skills for Mobile-first and Mobile-centric Populations through Public Libraries (2017)
    2nd AfLIA Conference & 4th Africa Library Summit Authors: Melody Clark, Christopher Coward, Chris Rothschild
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    There when you need it: The multiple dimensions of public access ICT uses and impacts [ICTD2013 Special Issue] (2015)
    Information Technology & International Development, Volume 11, Issue 1, Page 71-86 Authors: Araba Sey, F Bar, Christopher Coward, Lucas Koepke, Chris Rothschild, G Sciadas
  • Research Report
    Connecting people for development: Why public access ICTs matter (2013)
    , Page 242 pages Authors: Araba Sey, Christopher Coward, George Sciadas, Chris Rothschild, Francois Bar , Lucas Koepke
  • Working Paper
    Global Impact Study surveys: Methodologies and implementation (2013)
    Authors: Araba Sey, Christopher Coward, Chris Rothschild, George Sciadas
  • Report
    Public libraries connecting people for development: Findings from the Global Impact Study (2013)
    Authors: Araba Sey, Christopher Coward, Chris Rothschild, Melody Clark, Lucas Koepke
  • Conference Paper
    The impact of public access to ICTs: Findings from a five-year, eight-country study (2013)
    Proceedings fo the Sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development Authors: Francois Bar, Christopher Coward, Lucas Koepke, Chris Rothschild, Araba Sey, George Sciadas
  • Conference Poster
    Open data and open tools: The Global Impact Study inventory and web application (2010)
    76th Annual IFLA Conference Authors: Chris Rothschild, Araba Sey, A Tulinsky
  • Research Report
    Technology for employability in Washington State: The role of ICT training on the employment, compensation & aspirations of low?skilled, older, and unemployed workers (2009)
    Authors: Maria Garrido, Chris Rothschild, B T Oumar


  • Public Libraries as Learning Spaces to Promote Data Literacy for Civic Participation Among Women (2019)
    NEXT Library - Aarhus, Denmark
  • Push, Pull, Spill: Election Data and Citizen Engagement in a Global Context (2017)
    Global Election Technology Summit - San Francisco, CA
  • The Impact of Public Access to ICTs: Findings from a Five-Year, Eight-Country Study (2013)
    ICTD 2013 Conference - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Want open research? Deep dive into the Global Impact Study (2012)
    ICTD 2012 - Atlanta, GA
  • Want open research? Deep dive into the Global Impact Study surveys (2012)
    ICTD 2012 - Atlanta, GA