Bob Boiko

CV Teaching Professor
Mary Gates Hall 330S
Phone: 206-616-4030 | Fax: 206-616-3152

Affiliate Position

  • Founder and President, Metatorial Services Inc


  • Data Science Education
  • Content Management
  • Large Scale Information Systems

Research Area


  • INFO 101 - Social Networking Technologies
  • INFO 330 - Databases And Data Modeling


Bob Boiko is a Teaching Professor for the UW iSchool. He teaches social networking technologies, information architecture, and system design.

Over the last 15 years, he has designed, programmed and released numerous gamified, flipped, and socialized learning systems that have been used by thousands of students. Prior to coming to the iSchool, Bob founded Chase Bobko, a Web content and development company, and grew it to over 100 employees.

Recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of content management, he has designed and built systems for some of the world's top technology corporations (including Microsoft, Motorola, and Boeing) and leading NGO’s (including the UN, Gates Foundation, and World Vision). Bob is internationally known for his lectures and workshops and has keynoted conferences in over a dozen countries.

He is author of the books "Content Management Bible," "Laughing at the CIO," "Information Systems from the Info Out," and the science fiction novel "The Last Chameleon."

Bob recently founded LearnTogether, a startup company that creates peer2peer, social learning systems for professionals. LearnTogether continues to bring the next generation of education gracefully into existence.


  • MS, Human Communication, University of Utah, 1989
  • BS, Physics, California State University Humboldt, 1985


  • Nomination: Distinguished Teaching Award - UW, 2012
  • TEACH Award - iSchool, 2010

Consulting and Other Projects

  • King County Tax Assessment Office, 2018
  • Noodle Partners Inc., 2018
  • Group Health/Kaiser Permanente, 2017
  • SkillItUp/LearnItUp, 2017
  • Vulcan Inc., 2017
  • CARE/Behavior Space, 2014


  • Content Management Professionals

Publications and Contributions

  • Book, Scholarly-New
    IT Departments from the Info Out: Book six in the infoOut series (2018)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Journal Article, Public or Trade Journal
    Learning and engagement in a gamified course: Investigating the effects of student characteristics (2018)
    Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Volume 34, Issue 5, Page 492-503 Authors: Katharine Davis, H. Sridharan, Lucas Koepke, S. Singh, Robert Boiko
  • Book, Scholarly-New
    Building Information Systems from the Info Out: Book four in the infoOut series (2017)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Book, Scholarly-New
    Designing Information Systems from the Info Out: Book three in the infoOut series (2017)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Book, Scholarly-New
    Enterprise Strategy from the Info Out: Book five in the infoOut series (2017)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Book, Scholarly-New
    Information Architecture from the Info Out: Book two in the infoOut series (2017)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Book, Scholarly-New
    Information Systems from the Info Out: Book one in Bob's Info Out series (2017)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Book Editor, Scholarly
    Information Management Best Practices, Volume 1 (2010)
    , Page 320, ISBN/ISSN: 978-94-90164-03-4 Editors: Robert Boiko, Erik M Hartman
  • Software, Instructional
    Website Architecture and Design with XML (2010)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Software, Instructional
    courseBook, Course Delivery System (2010)
    Authors: Robert Boiko, J Bull
  • Book, Scholarly-New
    Laughing at the CIO: A parable and prescription for IT leadership (2007)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • White Paper
    Leading Information Strategy (2007)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New
    Sidebars (2007)
    Keeping Found Things Found: The Study and Practice of Personal Information Management Author: Robert Boiko
  • Book, Scholarly-Revised
    Content Management Bible, 2nd Edition (2005)
    Author: Robert Boiko
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Designing an accessible, technology-driven justice system: an exercise in testing the access to justice technology bill of rights (2004)
    Washington Law Review, Volume 79, Issue 1, Page 223-250 Authors: T.W. Small, Robert Boiko, Richard Zorza


  • Building a Business Case from an Information Perspective (2016)
    Hartman Event - Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Disruption in Education and its Impact of Public Web Sites (2016)
    Cascadis Web Professionals Conference - The Netherlands
  • Next Generation Education (2016)
    University of Washington Continuing Education Group - Seattle, WA
  • In the beginning was the word (2015)
    STC Puget Sound Chapter - Seattle, WA
  • Omnichannel Information Management (2015)
    Hartman Event - Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Beyond PDF (2013)
    WritersUA Conference for Software User Assistance
  • Information Systems from the Inside Out (2013)
    KM World's Taxonomy Boot Camp
  • Social Media Strategy (2011)
    Knowledge Management Brazilian Congress 2011 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Social Media Strategy (2011)
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  • From Strategy To Structure (2010)
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  • Info Modelling in XML (2010)
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  • Social Media Strategy (2010)
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  • Information Value: Whose Problem is it, Anyway? (2008)
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  • Basic Web Publishing and Information Management (2007)
    UN ICTR - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - Arusha, Tanzania
  • CM Strategy and Modeling (2007)
    Talk for government and NGO staff - Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra, Australia
  • Information as the Key to Leadership (2007)
    Annual Conference, CMF - Content Management Forum - Aarhus, Denmark
  • Leading with Information (2007)
    Design IT 2007 - Tokyo, Japan