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Ran Hinrichs is the CEO of 2b3d Studios and part-time faculty in Immersive Information Environments at the University of Washington's iSchool. In his entrepreneurial role, Ran leads strategy for design and development teams in virtual world research and development. His clientele crosses all three sectors: military, private and universities. In his academic role, Ran leads strategy for the Immersive Information Environments curriculum and its adjunct Certificate in Virtual Worlds curriculum in the Professional Continuing Education organization. Ran leads Avalumni, an on-going alumni group dedicated to creating services and products in academic immersive worlds. He manages the University of Washington’s Virtual World properties.
Ran is on the Diversity and Informatics Curriculum committee. He is also a key faculty member of iLearn Lab an iSchool initiative. Ran is on committee for a graduate student, named Suzette Lewis in the School of Education. On it is Katie Davis from the iSchool as well.
In both public and academic life, Ran is a sought after conference speaker because of his many publications and numerous events. He has publications in press, has published several books on virtual world education, intranets and web page design. He holds patents in large-scale information collection, science relationship mining, and interactive multimedia learning systems. His previous professional experience spans Microsoft's Advanced Strategies and Policy Group, Learning Science in Microsoft Research and Intranet architect at Sun Microsystems. His previous academic experience is at the University of California, Santa Barbara and UCLA.


  • MA, English as a Second Language, University of California, Los Angeles
  • BA, French, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • BA, Spanish, University of California, Santa Barbara

Publications and Contributions

  • Working Paper
    Artificial Intelligence: The Science of Agents: A discussion guide to virtual agent technology, from websites to mobile technology to virtual world technology (2014)
    Author: Randy Hinrichs
  • Working Paper
    The Future of Virtual Worlds: State of Current Hardware/Software, Collaboration Tools, and DoD Network impact (2014)
    Author: Randy Hinrichs
  • Book, Chapter in Textbook-New
    The virtuality and reality of avatar cyberspace (2014)
    Oxford Handbook of Virtuality Authors: Randy Hinrichs, Bruce Damer
  • Conference Paper
    Leveraging 2nd Life as a Communications Media: An Effective Tool for Security Awareness Training (2013)
    2013 IEEE Professional Communications Society Authors: Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Randy Hinrichs, D. Frincke
  • Book, Textbook-New
    Engaging the Avatar (2012)
    Authors: Randy Hinrichs, Charles Wankel
  • Book, Textbook-New
    Transforming Virtual World Learning (2011)
    Authors: Randy Hinrichs, Charles Wankel


  • 3D Immersion and High Speed Municipal Internet Independence (2015)
    Skagit NextTech Event - Mt Vernon, WA
  • Is Your Next Lawyer an Avatar: Imagination Unharnessed ? Using Virtual Reality for Real-Life Advantages? (2014)
    International Legal Technology Association's 37th Annual Educational Conference - Nashville, TN
  • Planning for Immersive Learning Research Network Conference (2014)
    iLRN 1st Meeting & Virtual Symposium, Immersive Learning Research Network - Corvallis, OR
  • Virtual World Education (2014)
    iAffiliates Day, University of Washington Information School - Seattle, WA
  • Immersive Information Environments (2013)
    San Jose State University Speaker Series - San Jose, CA
  • Virtual Worlds in Education (2013)
    Defense GameTech Users' Conference 2013 - Orlando, FL
  • What is your v-Quotient [online presentation] (2013)
    Train for Success
  • Five Point Plan for changing education using virtual worlds (2012)
    Oregon Immersive Education Conference - Portland, OR
  • Virtuality in 2022 (2012)
    Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds - Washington, DC
  • What is your vQuotient (2012)
    Serious Play Conference - Redmond, WA
  • Thinking and Learning in 3D [online presentation] (2011)