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  • Information Policy
  • Politics of Information
  • Social Networks


Karine Nahon is an associate professor in the Information School at University of Washington, and in the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. She is the director of the Virality of Information (retroV) research group and a member of the Social Media Lab (SoMe Lab), former director of the Center for Information & Society, adjunct faculty at the department of Communication and affiliated faculty at the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement at University of Washington. Her research focuses on politics of information and information policy. More specifically, she studies five intertwined areas: (1) information flows (2) network gatekeeping; (3) digital divide/s and inequalities; and (4) cultured technology and (5) Open Government. Her academic background is rooted in multiple disciplines: Political science, computer science, information science, sociology and Management of InformaGV_Covertion Systems. Karine Nahon is the author of the book Going Viral (with Jeff Hemsley). The book won the ASIS&T Best Information Science Book Award. Her papers are published in top-tier journals like JASIS&T, ARIST, JCMC, The Information Society and Information, Communication & Society. She developed well-recognized theoretical frameworks like Network Gatekeeping Theory. Karine serves as an expert in decision-making forums (nationally and internationally) and is publicly active on topics of open government. She acts as a member of the Israeli CIO (Chief Information Officer) Cabinet, and board member of NGOs that promote transparency and accountability like the Freedom of Information Movement, the Workshop for Open Knowledge and Wikimedia in Israel. In the past she represented Israel in the UN in the committee for science and technology. She co-chairs the digital and social media track and the social networking and communities minitrack at HICSS.


  • Ph D, Management of Information Systems, Tel Aviv University, 2004
  • MSC, Tel Aviv University, 2000
  • BSC, Tel Aviv University, 1997


  • Finkler Prize - Teldan Information Systems, 2015
  • Outstanding Academic Title - Choice Magazine, ALA, 2015
  • Information Science Book Award - ASIS&T, 2014
  • Outstanding Academic Titles Award - ALA, 2014
  • Researchers 'against the stream' - The Marker (the biggest economic magazine in Israel), 2014


  • American Society for Information Science & Technology
  • American Sociological Association
  • Association for Information Systems
  • Association for Information Systems, Israeli Chapter
  • Association of Internet Researchers
  • International Center for Information Ethics
  • Internet Society, Israel Internet Association

Publications and Contributions

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    48th Hawaiian International Conference in System Sciences Authors: Karine Nahon, Alon Peled
  • Conference Paper Towards Open Data for Public Accountability: Examining the US and the UK Models (2015)
    iConference 2015 Authors: Alon Peled, Karine Nahon
  • Research Report Biometric Identification: A Benefit-Risk Analysis of Israelis Application (2014)
    Privacy & Security Research Papers Series, Issue 11; Project PACT, EU FP7 Programme Authors: Jay Levinson, Avi Domb,
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal Political Blogs and Content: Homophily in the Guise of Cross-Linking (2014)
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  • Book, Scholarly-New Going Viral (2013)
    Authors: Karine Nahon, Jeffery Hemsley
  • Conference Paper Comparing Networked Social Movements: Spain & Israel (2012)
    ANN-SONIC Fourth International Seminar on Network Theory: Networked Social Movements and Network Theory in USC Authors: Karine Nahon, Manuel Castells
  • Conference Paper Information Movements in Networked Spaces: A Model of Networked Private and Public Spaces (2012)
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  • Conference Paper Power and Network Social Movements (2012)
    Internet Research 13 (IR-13) Authors: Karine Nahon, Castells Manuel
  • Conference Paper The Missing Link: Intention to Produce Online Content Accessible to People with Disabilities by Non-Professionals (2012)
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  • Conference Paper Understanding Smart Cities: An Integrative Framework (2012)
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  • Conference Workshop Paper VBAA: A Method for Surfacing Values in Distributed Online Collaboration (2012)
    Workshop on Values in Human-Centered Computing at CHI 2012 Authors: Jonathan T. Morgan, Robert Mason, Jeffery Hemsley, Karine Nahon
  • Conference Paper Blogs: Spinning a Web of Virality (2011)
    ACM Digital Library Authors: Karine Nahon, Shawn Walker, Muzammi Hussain, Jeffery Hemsley
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal Fifteen Minutes of Fame: The Power of Blogs in the Life Cycle of Viral Political Information (2011)
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  • Journal Article, Academic Journal Fuzziness of Inclusion/Exclusion in Networks (2011)
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  • Conference Paper Information Movements in Networked Spaces: A Model of Networked Private and Public Spaces (2011)
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  • Conference Paper Lifting the Veil: The Expression of Values in Online Communities (2011)
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  • Conference Paper Translation into Hebrew of: Morgan, J., Mason, R., & Nahon, K. (2011). Lifting the Veil: The Expression of Values in Online Communities (2011)
    ISOC-IL (Internet Society Association in Israel) Magazine Volume 11 Issue 4 Author: Karine Nahon
  • Conference Paper It's Not for Us, It's for them: A Case Study of Wikipedia Values in Practice (2010)
    Internet Research Authors: Jonathan Morgan, Robert Mason, Karine Nahon
  • Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New Electoral Politics on Social Media: The Israeli Curse
    Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics Authors: Sharon Haleva-Amir, Karine Nahon
  • Conference Paper The Open Government Data Heart Beat of Cities
    International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government Authors: Karine Nahon, Alon Peled, Jennifer Shkabatur


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