Registration Process

MSIM students must register via the University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education (UWPCE) registration system. MSIM students do NOT register through MyUW.  Registration occurs via an online system managed by UWPCE and opens at 8:00 a.m. Seattle time (Pacific Time) on the scheduled day in period 1. Please be aware that delaying your registration is likely to result in fewer available courses/seats.

Registration Timeframes

The registration period typically begins mid-quarter; approximately 7-10 weeks prior to the start of the next quarter.  Refer to the UW Academic Calendar and look at the dates for registration periods 1, 2, 3, as well as relevant add/drop dates.

Registration Restrictions

Note the following registration restrictions between residential and online courses, based on period 1, 2 and 3 registration:

  In period 1, you can register for: In period 2, you can register for: In period 3, you can register for:
All MSIM students • IMT courses

• all modes of INFX courses

• IMT courses

• all modes of INFX courses

• LIS, PhD, and Informatics (400+ level) electives

• IMT courses

• all modes of INFX courses

• LIS, PhD, and Informatics (400+ level) electives

• other UW graduate level electives (check with host department)

Registration: Other Considerations

Current students may access the MSIM Student Resource Center for more information on the following:


During registration and after selecting your courses in the UWPCE online registration portal, you will be brought to the “Payment” screen, with instructions to choose: “Pay Invoice Later” or “Credit or Debit Card Payments.”

  • “Pay Invoice Later”: Choose this option if you utilize any type of aid, such as financial aid, GI benefits, scholarships, GA/TA/RA funding, etc. If you don’t utilize aid and prefer to pay later, you can also choose this option.  An invoice for any tuition owed will be sent after the quarter begins.  Pay your invoice balance after the start of the quarter on the UW due date (typically the third Friday after the beginning of the quarter); late payments will be assessed a fee. Payment options include credit or debit card, wire transfer, or a check in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank.  All tuition payments must be made to UW Professional and Continuing Education.  Send tuition payment only to UWPCE, and not via MyUW or to another UW department.
  • “Credit or Debit Card Payments”: If you prefer to pay at the time of registration, choose this option. You may choose to pay all or partial tuition owed at this time.

IMPORTANT: Tuition payments should only be sent to UWPCE directly. The only payments allowed via MyUW are for your UPASS and international student fees.  If you have any questions on the tuition payment process contact UWPCE Registration Services at 206-543-2310 or 800-543-2320, or send e-mail to

What to Do If a Class Is Closed (Full)

The UWPCE online registration system will let you know if the class you want is full. If it is full, you are put on a waiting list for that course, and will later be alerted if you end up getting a spot in the course. This waiting list only exists for those registering via UWPCE. There is no way to request that you be moved to the top of the waiting list, or to bypass this list. Student Services cannot overload you into the course.