Registration Process

MSIM students must register via the University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education (UWPCE) registration system. MSIM students do NOT register through MyUW.  Registration occurs via an online system managed by UWPCE and opens at 8:00 a.m. Seattle time (Pacific Time) on the scheduled day in period I. Please be aware that delaying your registration is likely to result in fewer available courses/seats.

Registration Timeframes

The registration period typically begins mid-quarter; approximately 7-10 weeks prior to the start of the next quarter.  Refer to the UW Academic Calendar and look at the dates for registration periods 1, 2, 3, as well as relevant add/drop dates.

Registration Restrictions

  • MSIM students may register for other iSchool courses (i.e., MLIS or Ph.D.) in periods 2 and 3. MSIM students do NOT register through MyUW.
  • Some courses require add codes, specifically entry codes to register for IMT 590 and faculty codes for IMT 600. You must first consult with the MSIM academic adviser before you can register for these credits.
  • For add codes to courses outside of the Information School, you must contact that instructor and specific department directly. To get credit for the course towards your MSIM degree, please review Out of School Electives from the MSIM Student Resource Center.
  • If you want to petition to waive or modify a particular course or program requirement, please use the MSIM Waiver/Modification Petition form
  • If you are interested in completing an Independent Study (IMT 600), please review "How do I set up an Independent Study?" on the MSIM Student Resource Center. A maximum of 15 credits of IMT 600 may be used toward degree requirements. Students may not undertake an Independent Study and a Capstone project concurrently on the same topic.


Payment of tuition is no longer due at the time of registration. Students may opt for "Pay by Invoice Later" on the PCE registration website if they wish. Payments at the time of registration can be made via credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or debit card. Payment is typically due in full by the third Friday of the academic quarter.

Students paying by wire transfer who need to provide an advance statement of tuition & fees may find that linked at the top of this page.

What to Do If a Class Is Closed (Full)

The UWPCE online registration system will let you know if the class you want is full. If it is full, you are put on a waiting list for that course, and will later be alerted if you end up getting a spot in the course. This waiting list only exists for those registering via UWPCE. There is no way to request that you be moved to the top of the waiting list, or to bypass this list. Student Services cannot overload you into the course.