Approved Electives

Students who do not select the information architecture or human-computer interaction option, can customize their degree by selecting electives in areas of their personal interest.   The following is a list of electives that the Information School has already approved. 

Students can apply these electives toward meeting their Informatics degree elective requirements without special approval. If students wishes to take a course not on this list, they should submit a petition


ANTH 356 Visual Anthropology
ANTH 358 Culture and Cognition (prereq: ANTH 203, LING 203, or PSYCH 355)
ANTH 415 Applied Ethnography

Architecture and Urban Planning

ARCH 447 Physical Structure and Human Interaction
ARCH 460 Design Theory and Analysis

Business Administration

MKTG 301 Marketing Concepts (prereq: ECON 200)
MKTG 445 Mult'l Marketing & Business Dev (prereq: MKTG 301)
MKTG 455 Entrepreneurial Marketing (prereq: MKTG 301)
I S 470 Business Data Communications (prereq: I S 320)


COM 401 Telecommunication Policy and Convergent Media
COM 402 New Media as Virtual Communities
COM 302 The Cultural Impact of Information Technology (offered jointly with CHID 370)
COM 322 Global Communication  (offered jointly with POL S 329)
COM 376 Nonverbal Communication
COM 482 Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication

Comparative History of Ideas

CHID 370 The Cultural Impact of Information Technology (offered jointly with COM 302)

Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 413 Programming Languages and Their Implementation
CSE 321 Discrete Structures  (prereq: CSE 143; either MATH 126, MATH 129, or MATH 136)
CSE 410 Computer Systems  (prereq: CSE 373)
CSE 472 Intro to Computational Linguistics (prereq: ANTHRO 461 or LING 461; offered jointly with LING 472)


GEOG 460 Geographic Information Systems Analysis (prereq: 2.0 in GEOG 360)
GEOG 461 Urban Geographic Information Systems (prereq: 2.0 in GEOG 360; recommended: GEOG 277)

Industrial Engineering

IND E 351 Human Factors in Design (prereq: ENGR 315)
IND E 455 Use Interface Design (prereq: IND E 316; offered jointly with T C 455


LING 442 Semantics I (prereq: LING 461)
LING 476 Philosophy of Language  (offered jointly with PHIL 453)
LING 472 Intro to Computational Linguistics (prereq: LING 461 OR ANTHRO
461; offered jointly with CSE 472)


PHIL 464 Philosophical Issues in the Cognitive Sciences
PHIL 466 Philosophy of the Social Sciences
PHIL 453 Philosophy of Language (offered jointly with LING 476)
PHIL 460 Philosophy of Science (prereq: one PHIL course; recommended: PHIL 120 or PHIL 160)

Political Science

POL S 329 Global Communication (offered jointly with COM 322)
POL S 410 Technology, Politics, and the State


PSYCH 335 Human Factors Psychology (prereq: 2.0 in PSYCH 202; 2.0 in PSYCH 209)


SOC 328 – 329 Methodology of Sociological Research
SOC 427 Statistical Classification and Measurement
SOC 428 Principles of Study Design
SOC 465 Complex Organizations

Technical Communication

T C 437 Interactive Multimedia (prereq: T C 411)
T C 455 User Interface Design  (offered jointly with IND E 455)