Capstone FAQ

Q: What students at the Information School work on a Capstone project?

A: Capstone is a requirement for graduation for all students in the Informatics, MLIS and Full-Time MSIM programs, and all students who entered the Mid-Career MSIM program prior to Autumn 2015. Beginning with those entering in Autumn 2015, Capstone is optional for students in the Mid-Career MSIM program.

Q: Where do I do my project?

A: MLIS and MSIM students must find a client to sponsor their project; Informatics students may find a client or work as a team without a client. Clients can be your employer, or any other organization with a legitimate project. View previous projects in the Capstone Archives.

Q: Should I do a group or an individual Capstone project?

A: Informatics students are required to be in teams of 3-4, which are self selected at the beginning of INFO 490 in winter quarter. For MLIS and MSIM students can choose, both are viable options. Some factors you may wish to take into account include: (a) if you will be working in a situation where interaction with classmates will be difficult, you may want to present a plan by yourself (for instance, if you are performing the work in a secure environment where others may not be permitted to see the information you are working with). If you would like and are able to tackle a project with a group of classmates, this is also possible if conditions permit; (b) the project scope (e.g., how big is the project? a larger project may require the efforts of more than one person to complete in a quarter); and (c) the skill set required to do the project (e.g., some projects may require a high level of skill in a wide range of areas – data collection, programming, visual information presentation, etc. – so that it may make sense to assemble a team of individuals with complementary skills).

Q: Can I team up with a student not in my program mode?

A: MLIS and MSIM students can team up with students across program modes. Informatics students must work with other Informatics students.

Q: What if I do a group project at my work place?

A: You will need to separate the school project from the work project and discuss this with the Capstone instructors prior to approval. As long as clear separation of the project from your normal work duties can be established, this is a perfectly viable option.

Q: What if my project contains proprietary or confidential information?

A: If confidentiality of any nature is required by the employer or client/sponsor of your project you will need to investigate the options of how this can be handled so that it does not affect your project. Solutions to this problem will vary from project to project and need to be addressed individually and as they arise. Some options may include non-disclosure statements, removal of sensitive information from presentations, etc.

Q: Can I complete my Capstone without INFO 360, 470, or 481?

A: No. All three are required before you can enroll in Capstone.

Q: Must I be able to attend class on campus to enroll in INFX 595 and INFX 596?

A: No, both courses will be available in online mode, but there will be face-to-face sessions for those students that are locally based.

Q: What if my project is really big and cannot be completed in one quarter?

A: Informatics students have two quarters to complete their project (INFO 490 in the winter and INFO 491 in the spring). You will need to discuss this in the project brief and define the project, its stages and the associated deliverables for the 10 weeks of the quarter as well as for the entire life of the project until completion.