iSchool Capstone

OneRoof: Unified Group Housing

Project tags:

information behavior & user research

mobile or web development

social media

Project poster

Expensive housing prices and the desire to get out of their family homes are pushing more and more young adults to share housing with other tenants. However, group housing comes with its own heap of problems. Neglected chores, unpaid debts, and unhelpful roommates all combine to heavily strain relationships between tenants and complicate what should be the most comfortable part of our lives. OneRoof solves these complexities of group housing by directly targeting the two roots of the problem: disorganized communication and lack of accountability. Our solution features flexible task creation, and neatly organizes tasks both made by and assigned to you in one simple feed. Tenants are able to remind and keep track of their roommates’ tasks, and verify that they have been completed. By providing a tool that promotes clear communication and reliability, we help simplify household responsibilities and open up more time for our users’ daily endeavors.

Project participants:

Allison Amaral


Hiram Munn


Daniel Sebring


Kevin Yan