Non-Degree Options

Courses for Non-Degree Students

Regular Nonmatriculated Vs. Graduate Nonmatriculated

To take courses as a non-degree seeking student you must register as either a nonmatriculated (NM) student or a graduate nonmatriculated (GNM) student. The following definitions apply:

Learn more about the difference between these statuses. 

GNM Status for Information School Courses

If you eventually want to enroll in a UW graduate program, and you want the courses you take here to count toward that degree (if applicable), then you need GNM status. GNM status does not guarantee admission to a graduate program.

At the Information School, GNM status is an option for IMT courses. GNM status is only an option for LIS courses if enrolled in the School Library Media Endorsement Program

Learn about the application process and apply for GNM status. 

LIS and IMT Course Options

We offer NM and GNM options for both our Library and Information Science (LIS) courses and Information Management and Technology (IMT) courses, as well as our Information School (INFX) courses.  The following guidelines apply:

  • Nonmatriculated students are eligible to take approved on-campus or online LIS, IMT, and/or INFX electives on a space-available basis with instructor’s permission.​
  • Core LIS courses (courses typically ending in 0), independent study, fieldwork, and Capstone courses are not available for nonmatriculated enrollment.
  • Nonmatriculated students are eligible for standby registration status; students are not officially registered until the 3rd day of the quarter.
  • PhD (INSC) courses are not available through nonmatriculated or graduate nonmatriculated status.