iEracism Group

iSchool Erasing Racism

(Ī-Ē-rā-siz-əm) n. – A movement to erase the belief that one race is superior to another. An iSchool student organization that is committed to putting an end to racism.

As students of color or students from underrepresented backgrounds, we often feel invisible in environments where the student body is predominately white and upper-middle class. Our experiences, our languages, our cultures are confronted with challenges of assimilation. To succeed, in subtle ways, we are expected to conform to the status quo.  If any of this concerns you, you should get involved with iEracism.  iEracism provides a safe space for students to engage in dialogue around issues of racial and ethnic oppression. Such a space is meant for both the personal and the political. iEracism is a Registered Student Organization with the University of Washington Student Activities Office.

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The organizational structure of iEracism shall consist of a horizontal/flat leadership, in which each core organizer shall exercise equal decision-making power while managing an equitable number of responsibilities/tasks.

2013- 2014 iEracism Core Organizers

  • Logistics Coordinator; Crystal Clements, MLIS 
  • Publicity Officer: Tracy Foster, MLIS 
  • Representative: Mario Macias, MLIS
  • Secretary: Jaki Parsons, MLIS 
  • Treasurer: Albert Ybarra, MLIS
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