Diversity Committee

Through outreach, recruitment, and retention, the iSchool diversity committee works to foster a diverse, inclusive, engaging, and supportive social, intellectual learning environment that is open to diverse beliefs, values and perspectives. Member include iSchool students, staff and faculty. To join, please contact Cynthia del Rosario at cyn@uw.edu.

The diversity committee is dedicated to gathering and sharing different viewpoints on the information profession as well as education on the information field.

We review diversity needs and efforts of the iSchool and helps develop admission and hiring policies that increase diversity in iSchool students, faculty and staff; and plans programs, hosts events, disseminates information, and engages discussions on diversity.

iSchool Diversity Committee Members 2013-2014

Cynthia del Rosario, co-chair
Matt Saxton, co-chair

Faculty/Staff Members:

Jason Boyd
Melody Clark
Katie Davis
Dowell Eugenio
Tori Gottlieb
Ran Hinrichs
Bob Mason
Patrick Osby, UW Libraries Diversity Officer
Chris Rothschild

Student Members/Programs:

Ivette Bayo, PhD 
Liz Mills, PhD 
Katie O’Leary, PhD 
Gabrielle Barnes, MLIS 
Ilham Benttahar, MSIM 
AK -- Abhigyan Kaustubh, MSIM 
Kendall Morgan, Informatics 
Stella Stuckey, Informatics 

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